The right rigid film for the right application in the food packaging market.

Fucine Film Solutions provides a wide range of mono and multilayer films, suitable for all kind of modern packaging technologies: modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), form fill and seal (FFS) or thermoforming line.

Thanks to our long experience, we are able to supply our film packed how and when our customers want it: we are keen to offer a bespoke service.

With a partnership vision we have local storage location already in place close to their facilities


State-of-the-art equipment, high quality raw material, skilled and trained staff.

Fucine Film Solutions combines know-how, flexibility and reliability with 35 years of experience. We know the market and its requirements, we are studying and providing the right packaging solutions to our customers.


Many years of experience in the food market allow us to suit our customers needs.

All the components to produce a high quality film (PVC resin, PE films, heat stabilizers, processing aids, modifiers, lubricants and pigments) are processed in our 30 000m² plant.