In more than 30 years our production process and our facilities have evolved and have been developed along with the needs of our customers. We have selected the best suppliers with the finest raw materials; we have implemented the highest quality standard, developed and improved our formulas.

Our products comply with low-tolerance quality checks. In line inspection systems, off line quality controls, full traceability, strict internal procedures allow us to comply with ISO9001:2001 and BRC/IoP standards.

All our food packaging products are certified for food contact according to EU directive for plastics (2002/72/EC and amendments).


The components (PVC resins, PE film, heat stabilisers, processing aids, modifiers, lubricants and pigments) used by Fucine Film Solutions are all processed in a 30,000 square meter plant which is based in Fucine di Ossana, in the north of Italy. In its modern factory, over 70 employees work to produce our various type of films, with two main segments : laminated PVC/PE film and metallised PVC films.

Our production line covers the entire process. It starts with the mixing area, where the components are mixed up together following the films specification of our customers. The PVC mix then melts throughout the extruder line, producing a paste to be calendared (film) and slitted. At this point, the metallization process takes place (for our metallised films). Finally, the reels are packed securely and stored in the finished goods warehouse where they can be efficiently loaded by our logistics partners.