High Quality Rigid Films for Thermoforming Applications

Many years of experience in the food market allow us to suit our customers needs.

All the components to produce a high quality film (PVC resin, PE films, heat stabilizers, processing aids, modifiers, lubricants and pigments) are processed in our 30 000m² plant. Our laminated films feature high rigidity, excellent transparency and thermoforming ability. It also proves to be a good water vapour and gas barrier. The EVOH layer offers additional oxygen barrier properties which preserves even further the products original quality, hence extends its shelf-life.

What you need, when you need it:

  •    Products which are free of solvents
  •    Products which comply with food legislation
  •    Technical people available to give you support but also to advise you

Laminated PVC/PE Films

  • Thickness range:
    120 - 900 microns
  • Standard thickness:
    200 and 600 microns
  • Multilayer EVOH barrier, pealable or blocking types
  • Colors:
    Transparent (Crystal clear), white, black
  • Surface:
    Gloss-glossy or matt-glossy

PVC mono-film solutions

  • Food packaging
  • Packaging/displays for cosmetic items
  • Technical packaging (displays, HF welding, modules for cooling towers & water treatments)
  • Blister packaging

Metalized films

  • PVC, PVC/PE, APET base
  • Standard thickness:
    200 and 250 microns
  • Colors:
    Gold, silver, red, blue, green
  • Surface:
    Glossy or silky matt


  • Our technicians are available to find and implement the right solution for your packaging need.